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 For all our customers and future customers who have Diesel vehicles European & Foreign Motor Works Inc. have decided not to provide repair services or services to these vehicles no more due to the high costs of repair as well as the tedious and cost of labor that they require, continuously creating misunderstandings with customers. Thanks

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We are proud to announce to all our customers and future customers, that all the services and repairs carried out in our workshops will now be reported to CARFAX. This way all of our customers will have access to the information of the services executed on their cars in a detailed and accurate way. This demonstrates once again that here at European & Foreign Motor Works we not only provide professional quality service, but also provide transparency in what we do. That is why we have earned with great effort the trust and respect of our customers.

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We all know the repairs of our vehicles at dealerships are expensive. Sometimes, it may become a real problem for the family budget. That is why at EFMW you have a high-level professional alternative. Not only do you not have to pay high repair cost, but we offer so much more! We use only high quality parts with competitive pricing for the convience of our customers. As we all know there are businesses that offer spare parts at very cheap prices. However, this is not the case at EFMW because of our prestige and reputation we do not use cheap or aftermarket that are not OEM approved parts. Infact, all of our parts meet the manufacuter specifications. What this means for you? This ensures that any customer warranties are NOT voided. Call us today for an appointment for service or repair. It will be a pleasure to assist you. Thank you for you business and trust in European & Foreign Motor Works. 

" If you think Professional is expensive, well then just wait until you pay for amateur! "

This is how I see the cars from my perspective:

"Ignoring what the car needs is not a way to save money at all."

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"The car is a representation of the Human body's extension."

What does that mean? Once you are seated in the driver side of your car, you & the car become one whole system. The car will perform all of the commands you tell it to do. If you decide to make a turn, you will move the steering wheel with your arms (Left or right). If you want to stop the car, you use your feet to push the brake pedal. If you want to accelerate, you push the accelerator pedal with you feet, and vice versa.

           Now, imagine being in a situation where you need to press on the brakes, and the car won't stop. This is a very fatal situation that not only affects you, but this can affect the rest of the drivers around you, putting them at risk. Just like a human with injuries, the car must be taken in to be checked and repaired.

That's why we inspect the car in much greater detail as possible (THIS IS NOT AT DIAGNOSTIC OF THE CAR COMPONENTS), and we report all of the repairs needed or what the manufacturer suggest to be serviced or fixed. Oil leaks, anti-freeze leak, brake fluid leak, windshield washer fluid leak, transmission leak, broken or weak mechanic parts, etc. It all depends on the case. We will send pictures (as best as possible) to the customer via e-mail or text (customer preference) to let the customer know exactly what is the condition of their car & what the car needs. We don't sell or promote anything. The safety of our customers is our main concern and priority. Our job is considered well done & then it is the customer's decision to either follow the recommendations or not.

           Sometimes, our customers drive their cars and they don't know if the front suspension or steering components have some kind of fault, or the ball joints are tight or not, etc. If they are not checked or replaced on time, this will result in an extremely dangerous situation.

           Upon customer request, we can proceed to perform diagnostics for each specific component or all components that need to be fixed.

European & Foreign Motor Works is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We follow the OEM factory maintenance and repair procedures. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  It is very important to understand what the schedule is suggesting. Not just performing a maintenance, but the best way to save both money and time.  

Important Note: if the customer requests a writing estimate, a cost for a diagnostic time will be charged. If the customer does the repair with us, the charge of diagnostic will be credited to the total of the final bill.


"About estimates or repairs over the phone."

When a vehicle presents a leak of any liquid, has a service or others light on, several noises, or malfunction of the engine or transmission, air conditioning or heating, it does not necessarily mean that the cause of the issue lies in a single location of the whole system. 

Sometimes, it is necessary to find out in depth where a certain problem is. If the vehicle cannot be inspected by us in our workshop, we won't give any opinion,suggestions or estimates for any diagnostic that was obtained by the customer over the web or from any other source. Sorry for any inconvience this may cause you. However, it happens very often that diagnostics from other sources are not always accurate. Sometimes they are wrong or misunderstood. This creates a false expectation to the customer. Why? Because when the vehicle is brought to the workshop and is inspected, the diagnosis may turn out to be different from what the customer assumed or was told. The client then believes the work completed to be incompetent and that we show a lack of professionalism on our part by believing that we want sell them something else that they did not need. Therfore, this is concludes why we do not work with other diagnostics or estimates. It causes unnecessary conflict between our customers and the workshop. 



Brake disc, brake pads, master cylinder, power booster, anti-lock brake system, speed sensors,

Electronic Diagnostic systems

Reprogramm and programming, coding, DME, ABS, TCM, DSC, window control module, seat and door control modules Mercedes benz DAS Xentry, BMW OEM Level, AUTEL For VW AUDI Bentley (ODIS recently bought & Coming soon), Range rover, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lexus, Toyota, Honda and more.

Automatic Transmissions

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Here at EFMW you can find all mechanic area services that your car needs: 

Brakes (Brake disc, brake pads, master cylinder, power booster, anti-lock brake system, speed sensors, wheel bearings, etc.

Electronic Diagnostic systems Reprogramm and programming, coding, DME, ABS, TCM, DSC, window control module, seat and door control modules Mercedes benz DAS Xentry, BMW OEM Level, AUTEL For VW AUDI Bentley (ODIS recently bought & Coming soon), Range rover, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lexus, Toyota, Honda and more.

Suspension: Front shocks and struts including air struts, rear shocks and spring including air springs, Lower control arms, upper control arms, lower ball joints, upper ball joints, tracks arms, sway bar link, stabilizer bar including dynamic stabilizer system Etc.

Engine Performance everything related to the engine needed in order to perform a 100%, spark plugs, coils, spark plug wires, air filter, gas filter,fuel injectors,sensors & codes check and diagnostic.

Engine repair All internal engine components, timing belts, water pump, timing chain, timing chain slider, damper, fly wheel, oil leaks, seals, cams, heads gaskets, cylinders, pistons etc

Transmission Automatic or standard transmission, clutch system, single or double mass flywheel, we rebuild all kind of transmission , MB 722.6 to 722.9 4matic or not, ZF5HP and up, CVT, Dual clutch system.

Air Condition and Heater Evaporator, heater core, hoses, expansion valves, a/c compressor, a/c panels (Electronic or manual), condenser, cabin filters, receiver dryers Etc 

Steering rack and pinion, outer & inner tie rod, power steering pumps, reservoir, pressure hoses, return hoses, steering knuckles, Etc 
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