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European & Foreign Motor Works is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We follow the OEM factory maintenance and repair procedures. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Click at the link referred at the car brand in the pictures above to get the service Factory information that you need to know & the manufacturer suggested Maintenance schedule. Is very important to understand what exactly they suggest not only to do a maintenance is because is the way to save money and time.  

We offer A to Z Services: 

NEW!!  We work & accept Extended Guarantee Service Plans 

1) At European & Foreign Motor Works the Bumper to Bumper Inspection (including TSB and Safety Recalls) is FREE!!

    We will inspect every component of the car (THIS IS NOT AT DIAGNOSTIC OF THE COMPONENTS OF THE CAR), and report all of the components that we or the manufacturer suggest to be serviced, Oil leaks, Anti-freeze leak, Brake fluid leak, windshield washer fluid leak, transmission leak, broken or weak mechanic parts etc. depends on what are the cases, we will send pictures (as our best as possible) to the customer e-mail or text (depend of the customer preferences) to let the customer know exactly what is the condition of the car. Then at customer request we can proceed to do the diagnostic of the specific component or all components that need to be diagnosed (around 60% of the cases the diagnostic time is not needed, the damage or leak is so evident).

2) Electric or Electronic Diagnostic, Repair, Reprogram, Coding:

      From a problem with the car battery, alternator or issues or reprogram the Engine Control Module even a Electronic diagnostic, coding a new door module or new valve body on the transmission, at European & Foreign Motor Works we are able to service all the electrical or electronic components that need to be replaced in order to fix the problem or customer concern. Engine Performance or Electrical or electronic systems are very complex & complicated tasks specially on BMW, AUDI, VW, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, some times there are so many warning lights on in the cluster at the same time but that doesn't mean necessarily that the Sensors or actuators are all damaged at the same time (this is a very rare case). Every system has it's own warning light, for example the Check Engine Light refer to the engine, but in some many cases refer to the transmission also, that mean that if something happen to the transmission the check engine light will come on.

The same thing happen with the ABS light, Traction control, Electronic Stabilizer Programs and so on, in many cases  when something happen to the ABS, it's computer deactivate a traction control also, that doesn't mean that the traction control has some failures or vice versa.

3)  Problems with your 4Matic Mercedes benz 7G- Tronic? Grinding noises? 

Call us & Bring it to us!!,

Transmission Replacement, Transmission rebuilt or Transmission Service:

      If you need to replace your transmission with a new one we can do it including if your transmission has to be coded to the network of the car (car owner signed authorization document is required). 

     If you request to replace the transmission with a used one then the new valve body has to be installed in order to code the transmission to the network of the car (in the case that the used transmission has to be coded with the new valve body,owner signed authorization document is required), old valve body can be used but not recommended at all (owner authorization not needed).

     In some case we can rebuilt your transmission in house, this depend of the difference on price between new transmission Vs Used and what the customer request or the customer decide to do, or if the used transmission can't be found.

    Transmission service, transmission oil and filter replacement, transmission flush (some transmission coming "Fill for life"), we can service those transmission if customer request it.

4) Heater And Air Conditioning (HVAC) Repair and service:

     A/C & Heater diagnostic, we are able to do a basic like a a/c service or diagnostic, replace compressor, hoses or do a very complex task as a replace the Evaporator or Heater core that mean remove all of the dash panel or condenser that sometimes require to take apart all of the front of the car.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We Appreciate your business!


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