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We are accepting now customers that has a contract with extended services plan or extended guarantee companies to service what their car needs

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"About the estimates or repairs cars over the phone" 

Because this is happening very often, I see myself in the obligation and I will proceed to explain why we do not give estimates or repair cars over the phone.

When a vehicle presents a leak of any liquid, has a service light on, several noises, or malfunction of the engine or transmission, air conditioning or heating, it does not mean that it is for a single location or that it is a single cause that is happening, like sometimes it is necessary to find out in depth where a certain problem is, if the vehicle can not be inspected by us in our workshop, we will not give any opinion or suggest any type of repair or give any estimate, because it has happened that when the vehicle arrives at the workshop and is checked, it turns out that it has additional items or parts needed or is not what the customer think and ask for estimate that then lend themselves to misunderstandings or it can be interpreted as a lack of professionalism on our part,that's why we don't work with others diagnostics, because this will cause a unnecessary bad time between customer and workshop. 

We understand perfectly that the repairs and their costs concern our customers , but unfortunately we can repair technical problems but not economic problems.


 Thanks for visiting European & Foreign Motor Works

European & Foreign Motor Works is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We follow the OEM factory maintenance and repair procedures. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Click at the link in the pictures above that match your vehicle brand to get the information about the service Factory information that you need to know & the manufacturer suggested Maintenance schedule. Is very important to understand what exactly they suggest, not only to do a maintenance, but because is the way to save money and time.  

 At European & Foreign Motor Works the Bumper to Bumper Inspection (including TSB and Safety Recalls) is FREE!! , 

Important Note: if the customer request a writing estimate a cost for a diagnostic time will be charged, if the customer do the repair with us the charge of diagnostic will be credited to the total of the final bill.

     "This is my (Giuseppe Moca) personal way on how I see the cars:


   "The car is and represent a Human body's extension, what that mean?, that mean that once you are placed at the driver side of your car, you & the car are one thing, is like a team work, the car will do all of the commands that you decide to do, if you decide to turn, then you will move the steering wheel with your arms (Left or right), if you want to stop the car, then you gonna use you feet to push the brake pedal or if you want to accelerate you push the accelerator pedal with you feet and so on. 

Now just imagine for a moment that you need to turn and then the car wont turn or if you want or need to brake and the car don't do it !, as you are part of the car you will be in a dangerous situation and put others at the same situation too !! 

"ignoring what the car need is not a way to saving money at all"



 That's why we will inspect the car as deep as possible (THIS IS NOT AT DIAGNOSTIC OF THE COMPONENTS OF THE CAR), and report all of the repairs needed or what the manufacturer suggest to be serviced or fixed, Oil leaks, Anti-freeze leak, Brake fluid leak, windshield washer fluid leak, transmission leak, broken or weak mechanic parts etc. & depends what are the case, we will send pictures (as our best as possible) to the customer e-mail or text (depend of the customer preferences) to let the customer know exactly what is the condition of the car & what the car need,we don't sale or promote anything, is about the safety of our customers, that is our main concern and priority, then our job is considered well done & then is on a customer to decide to follow or not the recommendations. 

Some times the customers are driving their cars and they don't know if the front suspension or steering components has some kind of play, or the ball joints are tight or not,  suspension/steering components can fall off with or without any advice if they are not checked or replaced on time, this can be an extremely dangerous situation.

 At customer request we can proceed to do the diagnostic of the specific component or all components that need to be fix (around 60% of the cases the diagnostic time is not needed, the damage or leak is so evident).

We accept credit cards, debit cards or cash as a method of payment, " WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS, NO EXCEPTION ".

We are a proudly member of the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF)

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We Appreciate your business!


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